2018 in Los Cabos, Grateful for the Memories

Let’s be here for a moment.

Let’s take this opportunity to focus on the now.

2018 is nearing its end, a new year is around the corner.

We feel the future catching up with us – the lessons from last year – are already on our mind.

The new year’s celebration is more than a party and lots of champagne (not that we have anything against champagne), but it’s mainly an opportunity to look back and appreciate how far this las year has taken us.

Grateful is the word we choose to end the year.

Because 2018 was pure magic filled with new experiences.

We are also nostalgic because the year went by without the company of Pablo. But we feel his presence in each corner, we almost hear him walking around barefoot with his headphones on.

And we can proudly say that we carry his legacy, keeping alive his visionand following his dreams.

So we had 52 weeks of Shelby and Sandy, Ciler, Ivan Krassoievitch, Stefan Bruggenmann, Ernesto Ríos, José de SanCristobal, Street Art Chilango, Rodrigo Sastre and Pablo González Lentini.

365 days of Desi Valentine, Siddhartha, Jenny and the Mexicats, Escondido, Morgxn, Spencer Ludwig, Little Jesus, Salt Cathedral and Alex Ferreira.

8760 hours of David Castro Hussong, Maribel Aldaco and – now the era of – Carlos Peregrina Serral.

And endless minutes of happiness and satisfaction at El Ganzo Community Center.

A turn to the sun is easy to say but so hard to accomplish.

It took a lot of effort from us and we went the extra mile all year round to share great moments with you.

We hope you liked them.

And wait to see what we have on our schedule for 2019…

Let’s celebrate together.

We are waiting for you,

All your good friends at El Ganzo.

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