We were all waiting for her to come down to the lobby. Our only approach had been over screens, pixels and notifications, no one really knew what to expect other than the fact that she creates mesmerizing art.

Hugo, Leslie and I were complaining about the weather and how espressos taste at 34 C, when suddenly she walks to our table and sits down as if she were another member of the team. Her long hair and effortless smile mixed with really kind eyes made us completely forget about the weather and Hugo greeted her with a “Feeeeer! ¡Qué gusto, siéntate!”.

Fernanda Caballero is an old soul, the way her voice vibrates and her feet glide through the air are just two examples of what it’s like to be around her. She started talking about her work and her eyes sparkled everytime she described her process, her thoughts, her understanding of art as a process and not as a final piece. I know what we were all thinking and it must have been something like “Wow she is so fucking cool and inspiring”.

The contagious inspiration she transmits made our minds fly and explode with the endless possibilities and ideas for the conceptual video we were planning on filming for her residency. Hugo who is the videographer and mastermind behind most videos of El Ganzo talked about the four elements, about Fernanda´s unique way to use her whole body and mind while creating art. We all agreed that Baja was the perfect scenery to explore all of these possibilities, more so if we had Fernanda and her insane, contagious, visionary and extraordinary self as Artist in Residence.

The sun and moon rose for several days, while we all immersed in her mind and thoughts through art, jokes, paint stains, and her iconic rope sandals. She talked about impermanence, the way we inhabit a body that is predestined to eventually cease and our obsession with leaving a mark, our obsession as humans to be remembered.

“These pieces are the result of chance and randomness through the movement of my body and the material; the result between my curiosity and intuition, and the endless possibilities within. Absolute presence as the only way to be present.”

I will shut up and let you guys dive into this divine piece of art and I assure you that through the screen, you will be able to perceive the magic Fernanda Caballero conjures.

Find out more about Fernanda’s work @fernandacaballero and her website www.fernandacaballero.com

Concept & Production:
Hugo Álvarez Zanollo @hugophotomx

Script and Audio
Hugo Alvarez Zanollo

2nd underwater camera
Leslie Payró @unintended_bliss

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