Alexis Mata “Ciler” Brings His Art to Los Cabos

Before going to El Ganzo, for his 2nd residency, artist Alexis Mata “Ciler” had a show in Mexico City called “Dispara (nombre ficticio)” – an artistic effort – to create conscience about the present violence in our country. And while he stayed with us we had a conversation about his chosen subject.

Back at the time when we met Ciler during his 1st Residence, he was at a very different stage in his artistic life and he explained how he has changed as an artist since then,

“Our country keeps moving and changing and that changes us as persons too, it changes what we need to express…”

Ciler describes his art as a constant and never ending search for answers.

He tries to move away from his comfort zone as much as he can -thus his newest artistic intervention at El Ganzo – another version of the Dispara (nombre ficticio) concept. Only this one is more colorful than the first one.

The focus is the fight against violence. This catharsis comes from the times we are living, a very chaotic moment in our country, a time when it is sad to see, read, smell, feel the violence everywhere. Ciler wants to send a positive message to our youth:

All of this can change if we all play our part.

He landed at El Ganzo with this idea in mind.

Back in Mexico City he had worked in collaboration with other artists, musicians, writers and journalists in Dispara.

At El Ganzo he had a chance to work with the kids at the Community Center and he said that the reactions around him (both adults and kids) are the same. There is a common will and desire to change that feeling of violence,

“We need to shoot ideas for a better future… and I hope this intervention helps out”

Ciler hopes that by doing this project he can inspire others to do the same,

“As a society we need to change radically and it all begins at home…”

When we asked him about his 2nd residence at El Ganzo this is what he had to say,

“I love the resident program at El Ganzo. It’s great to see how they support plastic arts as well as music, it makes it a whole different space, it becomes not only about the beauty and the good life, but also about culture and being surrounded by fine arts, since they offer one of the most complete contemporary art collections in Cabo”

Come and see for yourself the colorful installation by Ciler at El Ganzo…

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