Celebrating Earth Day in Los Cabos 8 Different Ways

Let’s celebrate Earth’s day this April 22nd doing the right thing.

It is important for us at Hotel El Ganzo to celebrate this special day, but also to talk about the important issues that our beautiful planet demands us to take action on.

We enjoy the incredible landscapes, oceans, and beaches that planet Earth has to offer us. But when it comes to taking care of them, do we play our part or do we look the other way? Let’s discuss 8 activities we can do to help preserve these amazing places.

1.Pick up the trash when going to the beach.

Cans, plastic, and other types of garbage. Before you leave, clean the space around you, that’ll help the beaches and oceans stay clean. Also, be sure to divide it: organic, inorganic.

2. Instead of using your car, ride a bike or walk.

You can also carpool. This will help the environment, since biking and walking is a pollution-free mode of transport.

3. Avoid plastics as much as you can.

When going shopping, use cotton bags instead of plastic ones. Reuse bottles when drinking water. Refuse straws. Choose products that are not made out of plastic.

4. Respect nature around you.

Don’t collect shells. Don’t feed the animals. Remember we are at these places as guests. It’s their habitat and we should take care of it.

5. Pick up your pet’s feces.

Also make sure, if your pet is digging in the sand, that it’s a safe place and no other animal, like turtles, are underneath that spot.

6. If you are smoking, bring an ashtray with you.

And if you see any cigarette butts around, pick them up and throw them in the trash.

7. Use eco-friendly sunscreens.

There are water resistant products that won’t wash away and stay in the ocean. Some chemicals the regular products contain can damage coral and marine life. 

8. Join groups or foundations whose mission is to preserve oceans and nature.

Look for the people who are organizing in your town to make a change. You can find them through Social Media or Google. If there are no groups where you live, why not start one?

It is important that we take care of the places we spend time at. They need us to stay healthy and beautiful. Let’s make a change and stay positive about what the future looks like. We hope these tips were valuable for you. Share them with your friends and family and…

Make a difference!

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