Cody Simpson of The Tide & His Special Retreat

Find out how the singer found The Tide through spirituality, poetry, music, and meditation at the beach.

By the time Cody Simpson had put out two very successful pop albums, he found himself a little bit out of his zone. He felt he needed to rethink his artistry and felt his time at the big record label he was sign to was over. Instead, he decided to go independent, and so the new chapter was about to begin.

The first step? Moving to Venice Beach, where he had been hanging out with some friends. This place was a no brainer. Cody has been a water-person since his early years. (He used to compete in olympic swimming competitions, where he won multiple gold medals).

After settling in, there was a lot of work to be done. He started reading and writing poetry, doing jamming sessions, and so much more. Most of it (we think and hope) was shared through his Instagram, where fans were able to witness the new creative chapter Cody was writing for his musical journey.

Another new big change was forming a band. The Tide was the name of it, and the other members were old time friends, with whom he has been writing music since then. With them, he started looking for a new sound. The result can be heard on their two albums “Wave Two” and “B-Sides”. Surf music, with some blends of rock and pop with a whole lot of zen vibes.

The most important thing for Cody, was to get out of this fast paced world (for a second at least) and take a look around. Change perspective. Breathe and ask questions. What do I want? What do I want to say? And as how he has said before, he encourages youth and people in general to do the same. To take this time-outs and rethink, or even, not think at all. To enjoy and take a trip inside ourselves to get to know us at the point we are at the moment. As we can hear through his music, great things can come out of it.

So, we encourage you too, to take a trip (to the beach of course) and get some good mental and physical rest. And now that we are talking about it, how about our beach?

Cody Simpson and The Tide will be playing at Hotel El Ganzo this May 25th 9:00PM. Come check them out! #ElGanzoMusic #HotelElGanzo

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