Cooking is a Fine Art with Chef Carlos

“Food is everything we are. It´s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It´s inseparable from those from the get-go.”

– Anthony Bourdain

Food is the fuel for our bodies. We place an incredible amount of time and effort in cooking and eating every single day.

But eating can also be an amazing experience, one that can engage us on a more intellectual and emotional level.

It is in this sense that cooking fits into the criteria of becoming an art form. If one thinks about it, food has the ultimate intimate contact. First, it can light up all of our senses and once it is consumed it can touch you deep inside.

Food builds memories and enhances moments. It may also help illustrate experiences for a lifetime.

That is why so many Chefs have become rock-stars, telling us stories through their creations. And it is also the reason why nowadays so many people are looking for food shows, new recipes and new choices.

Here at el Ganzo we understand the value of making the best of our local ingredients come to life.

And so, we didn’t just find a chef,

We found an artist.

Chef Carlos Peregrina Serralde is the newest member of our family and we’re happy to welcome him into his new home.

Aside from being a magnificent Chef, Carlos has an art and sculpture background and now our kitchen has taken a new and exciting turn.

His revamped and new menus are made of experimental tastes, invite us to experience the Chef’s childhood places and aromas.

Carlos is an explorer. He was born in beautiful Puebla, a place with incredible natural scenery and multiple ethnic regions – within the state – that has a cuisine of remarkable depth.

The new culinary experience at Hotel El Ganzo goes from a delicate vichyssoise to Mexican street food tacos; making a big entrance with a clever signature dish, duck breast with mashed sweet potato and a chocolate curry sauce.

Like a white canvas, everything is hand crafted from scratch. Handmade dressings, freshly cut vegetables from our sustainable orchard and local products. Chef Carlos comes hand to hand with the labor, keeping everything local and reinventing both our kitchen and our orchard. It’s raw, it’s interesting, it’s exciting and you can’t miss out.

Now, come and crack a bottle of your favorite California wine open or try our new El Ganzo blend from Valle de Guadalupe, and get ready for the new adventures we have prepared for you right here at our kitchen.

El Ganzo is waiting for you.

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