Eco-Friendly Hotels Focus on Sustainability

Vacation Sustainably at Our Eco-Friendly Hotel in Los Cabos


Since opening, we have utilized sustainable practices throughout our eco-friendly hotel in Los Cabos. And we continue to put a stronger emphasis on growing Hotel El Ganzo’s sustainability efforts regularly.

As a guest of Hotel El Ganzo, we invite you to be part of this opportunity to positively impact the people and environment of San Jose del Cabo and La Playita. Together, we can reduce some of the planet’s greatest environmental, economic, and socio-cultural threats.

To make these positive changes, we are working in five key areas of Corporate Social Responsibility: energy, water, waste, carbon, and education.


  • Our Rooftop pool is heated with solar power.


  • We use a Nopal (cactus) based laundry detergent that saves over 80% of water usage, 60% of electricity, and 50% of gas.


  • Every room is equipped with a branded, reusable, BPA-free water bottle. Guests can carry it around the property and refill at the hotel’s many refill stations. This significantly lowers the use of plastic.
  • All waste is separated and food waste is deposited to make compost.
  • Upon request, we will serve your cold drink with a biodegradable plant fiber straw.
  • If you can’t finish your lunch or dinner, we will pack your goody bag with containers made of natural fibers.


  • Our herb and vegetable garden contains a variety of organic herbs, microgreens, and vegetables that are used by our chef in daily cooking. This reduces the CO2 emissions and brings a local flair to our doorstep.
  • Our partnership with Huerta Los Tamarindos, a neighboring organic farm, provides us with fresh, local produce.
  • Bath salts and toiletries found in each guestroom are locally-sourced.


  • We consistently train our staff in key areas of sustainability. Areas include the reduction, reusing, and recycling of waste and other material. The mindful use of water and electricity is important in our sustainability actions.
  • Hotel El Ganzo is also a Platinum member of CREST, a policy-oriented NGO research organization dedicated to increasing the positive global impact of responsible tourism.

The El Ganzo Community Project: Giving Back to La Playita.

In 2016, we had the opportunity to re-establish a free art program for local kids. Starting back in 2015, artist Francois Paris kick started the first free program at a local art gallery. This was a great success with the local children. Unfortunately, soon after the children and Francois were left without a space to keep teaching. Upon hearing this, we decided to create a home for the program by building a community center in the empty land across the street from El Ganzo.

This new space is an art center where the local community can come together to explore endless creative opportunities to manifest the mind and the soul. We want to create a bridge between the local children, visitors, and artists through an interactive process of art and music. We hope to stimulate children away from traditional technology to create more sensitive beings that, amongst other things, will open themselves up to the opportunities available at El Ganzo. Through projects like these, we can give different options for personal and professional growth to foster the talents of local artists.

This project has the potential to set an example of what can be achieved when the body, mind, and spirit are nurtured. We see numerous benefits of exposing the local kids to art and music in a space that gathers visitors from all over the world and renowned artists. To learn more visit the official page or Facebook.

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