El Ganzo Community Center

We all are forced to grow. To expand. To change.

We also are intended to co-exist with our community. To relate. To share.

Part of our duties is to connect with our surroundings and give back a little of what we receive.

At El Ganzo, we get to share our home with amazing artists and great musicians, and we are also neighbors – with a hard-working community – at la Playa.

And because nothing is really lived fully until you share it with others, our founder Pablo Sánchez Navarro created El Ganzo Community Center with its Director , François Paris and permaculture expert Axel Gutierrez.

El Ganzo Community Center is a space for creation. Where our local youth can explore their artistic inner self while connecting with nature. It is a nurturing space where our kids learn artistic techniques with materials of all kinds.

We also have a sustainable garden that they help grow.

Their spirit, creativity, and commitment to our space have made a difference – in all of us – who are part of this community.

This has also taught us that together we can go further – it is indeed together – that we are taking better care of our environment.

We welcome all visitors who want to make art and we also have workshops with the Artists in residence at El Ganzo. The artists come and share their experiences and knowledge with the kids and together they work in art-pieces that have become memorable.

Jon Leonardo and community children intervention at El Ganzo

Aldo Chaparro in his workshop at El Ganzo Community Center<

We give a little and receive so much in return. We protect each other, support each other and learn from one another, as we build a better future for San Jose del Cabo.

Team-work can make magic happen! and in our case, we are proud of our Community Center.

So, take this as an open invitation to be part of something extraordinary.

Because more than a holiday, coming to El Ganzo is a complete experience.

Surround yourself with art and inspiration,

Pay us a visit and learn something new…

Be a part of our community,

Give a little and -why not,

Take a lot…

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