As we all clinked glasses and saluted a new year kissing our loved ones, 2020 had other plans in mind. The most unexpected year happened in a blink of an eye, making months feel like years and days last seconds while time completely lost sense. We were all moving at a certain pace, unaware of the routine, most times just existing without even being conscious we were actually breathing. In some twisted and magical way, being unable to go outside, see our friends, go to parties, sing at concerts, hug and even see faces, made all of us pause to be with ourselves and stop to think of what truly matters.

In Baja, as of April 1st 2020, 100% non-essential businesses were closed due to the federal government mandate and economic purposes – all hotels, tourism business, and public beaches, leaving zero opportunity for work or income for locals for months.

Everyone at El Ganzo came together to brainstorm ideas on how we could help in any way our community needed, this is how our baby Ganzo Ayuda was born.

Many families in La Playa, Baja California Sur and surrounding areas were in need of food, basic supplies, medication and safety during the COVID-19 crisis. The community of La Playa (where El Ganzo Centro Comunitario and Hotel El Ganzo are located) was among the most vulnerable communities in Los Cabos. The families in La Playa were hit disproportionately hard by COVID 19 as many live paycheck to paycheck and rely solely on the temporarily non-existent tourism industry as their only source of income.

Many of these families are especially vulnerable to COVID 19, with entire families living in one- or few-room homes, without sufficient access or means to purchase food, medication, hygiene products, cleaning or protective supplies.

We have the responsibility to support our community in this critical time of need. Humans in all shape and form came together to support one another. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, chefs, thinkers and doers are the ones we salute and thank eternally.

Check out this epic documentary directed by Jorge Aguilar, which filled out of this world minds co-creating and embracing change.

Check out the documentary for full credits!

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