How Shelby and Sandy and their Art Remind Us of the Value Friendship

We love Shelby and Sandy Murphy! They bring color and happiness to El Ganzo. It is their sunny and colorful attitude what keeps us inviting them back.

This dynamic duo not only are artists they’re also best friends and siblings. They live in Southern California and their work is filled with portraits and caricatures of their lifetime-favorite-characters.

Shelby and Sandy are kids at heart. And there’s something to be said for people who know how to keep their inner child alive (“and kicking” in their case). It brings a certain optimism to a world reigned by chaos and politics. Not only that, but Shelby and Sandy also give new meaning to the word “teamwork” – especially at a time where individualism has become the rule of the game –the duo works together on every single painting and project, unlike most other artists, for S&S it’s always about an equation of 2.

“Everything from brainstorming our ideas to painting on the canvas we go back and forth. Our style is technical and very meticulous; we focus on perfecting colors and lines in every piece of our work. We’re not only brothers but also best friends, and we wholeheartedly trust each other’s artist vision. We’re always fair and listen to all of each other’s points before making a decisions”

During their latest Residence at El Ganzo, Shelby and Sandy worked on an amazing Tom and Gerry mural for our Spa. And one can easy relate those two cartoon characters from the 40’s with the art-duo.

Tom and Jerry the animated series, centers on a rivalry between its two title characters: Tom a cat and Jerry a mouse. The plots where ususally the same, comic fights between the two of them in which Tom has numerous attempts to capture Jerry and he never succeeds, mainly because of Jerry’s cleverness, abilities, and luck.

However, there are also several instances within the cartoons where they display genuine friendship and concern for each other’s well-being.

Which makes us think of this question for you?

When was the last time you invited your best friend for a weekend getaway?

Shelby and Sandy’s mural makes us think about the value of friendship.

We all go on with our daily lives filled with work, family and responsibilities, and sometimes we forget how important our true friends are. They are always there for us, even when they are miles apart.

And the more we grow up, the more we let go of those nostalgic moments that take us to a time when we were younger and life was easier.

But don’t we deserve that from time to time?

To be kids again?

Laugh at our best friends’ silly jokes?

So why don’t you take a break from your life and plan a best-friend-Getaway to El Ganzo today?

Invite your oldest friend, the one that annoys the hell out of you at times, but knows you better than you know yourself. The one that makes you laugh and cry at the same time, and the one that has very different points of view but knows exactly when to agree to disagree

Isn’t it time to take a weekend together?

Laugh a little (or a lot).

Drink a little (or a lot).

Lie on the beach, eat great food, share a couple of amazing sunsets while listening to good music, sleep in an insanely comfortable bed and surround yourself with good art?

Have a ball!

Come to El Ganzo!

It doesn’t get more friendly and shiny than right here with us… We promise you that!

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