El Ganzo Room Talks: LP

Since the beginning, the hotel has been used to receiving all kinds of artists, from visual artists to musicians, emerging or world-renowned giants.

In addition to the programs of musicians and artists in residence, the creative effervescence that the place emanates attracts these beings who seek refuge in the rooms of El Ganzo to reset the mind or expand it to create.

LP at El Ganzo Hotel

Photo courtesy of Hugo Álvarez Zanollo / @hugophotomx

This was the case with LP. The first time she came, it was a surprise for everyone, laying the foundations of what would be a close and fruitful relationship. That time a very intimate concert was organized for no more than 100 people, LP’s humility and sympathy, in addition to her surprising voice, made it a unique moment in the history of the hotel.

In the years that I have been taking photos and videos for El Ganzo, I had never seen a reaction from the public similar to the one there was that day, there I heard that some fans saw a “story” from LP’s instagram where they saw that she was at El Ganzo. They rushed to the hotel, asked for a bottle of vodka at the restaurant and there they waited for her, when LP finally went down, the bottle had already been finished, but the excitement was such that they asked for another one to drink it with her, to which LP gladly agreed and so they spent the afternoon with her.

The second time she visited us was because she came to record the video for “How Low Can You Go” and since I found out she was coming I did everything possible to come up with an excuse to have the opportunity to create audiovisual material with her, so we proposed to make a behind the scenes of the recording of her video, for which we also did an interview with her that they confirmed to us at the last minute and in the corridors of the hotel together with Leslie (@unintended_bliss) we devised the questions, and that was how the interview was given without knowing what the video was about, or the song or anything, but thanks to Leslie’s questions and LP´s relaxed and accessible personality, everything came out very fluid and relaxed. From that moment on, a unique and extremely fun project was becoming a reality.

The recording was sooo demanding, the model in the video had a delay in her flight so the schedules had to be rearranged and the filming time was extended until almost 2 in the morning. During the recording we went through different places, we started with some shots in room 402 of the hotel, then we went to the San José del Cabo cemetery and from there we returned to the jacuzzi on the rooftop of the hotel where, for me, it was the most fun part since LP and the model had a very funny and sexy underwater scene.

Photo courtesy of Hugo Álvarez Zanollo / @hugophotomx

For the edition I had to take my time since the project was almost unexpected, there was not much planning and much less a storyboard, so I recorded at will and from there in the edition the idea was created. I think the result was pretty good, we ended up creating a new concept of videos for the hotel called “Room Talks” (so stay tuned because there will be more in the future!).

This is El Ganzo, a place where you can find an artist painting the walls of the facade or LP recording a music video in the jacuzzi, it is undoubtedly a creative community that does not stop growing and surprising.

Text: Hugo Álvarez Zanollo
Direction, camera and editing: Hugo Alvarez Zanollo (@hugophotomx)
Interview: Leslie Payró (@unintended_bliss)
Photos courtesy of Hugo Álvarez Zanollo

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