History of Fishing & Fishermen in San Jose del Cabo

The world changes everyday, it moves too fast and technology has also made sure of that.

So it doesn’t hurt to take a breath once in a while and stop to look at the things that remain the same, those that stand the test of time.

That is the case with a tradition that has been part of Puerto Los Cabos for over 35 years now: the local fishermen. The men and women whom back then had only two small boats with no roof to protect them from the sun.

But many years of hard work went by and things have changed a lot since then. There is a great Marina at La Playita and the fishermen finally have their own pier.

This hardworking group of people wake up everyday before dawn and set off to the sea in order to seek the catch of the day; the fresh delicacies from the sea that we eat here in San Jose del Cabo and also the rest of the world.

Mexico is one of the largest exporters of tuna and shrimp and thanks to the hard work of this community – what fishermen catch in the morning in the Sea of Cortés – can be enjoyed in the other side of the world, the very next day.

At El Ganzo we’re all part of the story of our land and the people who shape it. And thanks to the amazing bond we share with the community of fishermen, we are better persons everyday.

Every morning we witness how the local fishermen rise and get on their boats to explore the depths of our ocean, bringing back with them not only amazing fish that our Chef cooks in our restaurants, but also the most incredible stories.

For 50 years they’ve been an example and an inspiration. And we’re proud of them, proud to call them our friends and our neighbors.

Thanks to them, here at El Ganzo, you can also enjoy the most authentic fishing experience in the area. They know the fishing sport better than anyone in Cabo, and when it comes to this leisurely activity, there’s a big advantage in having such skilled sailors on our side. Nobody knows Punta Gorda like them and with their help you may catch one of the 700-pound marlin that are out there swimming in Mar de Cortés. You can also catch sailfish and spearfish, among many other species; but always under the rule of catch and release.

And the best part of it, they’re all out there swimming in our waters all year round!

So come and experience the sea like never before, let us introduce you to one of our neighbor-friends so they can show you our flourishing reefs, a relaxing beachside or an extraordinary fishing experience.

Remember, it’s all happening here at El Ganzo.

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